Plastic Plugs



Facade anchors

Application range of the EJOT anchors

EJOT facade anchors offer a very wide range of lengths (50 - 360 mm) and feature particularly low setting depths. You will find EJOT anchors in the following applications:

  • Facade systems
  • Metal wall brackets
  • Timber substructures
  • Stairs and railings
  • Piping systems and suspended ceilings


EJOT facade anchors: Suitable for many different substrates

Different building materials require bespoke fastening solutions that are specific to the substrate. For the selection of the best fastening solution it is important to consider the building material, the way of fixing and the substrate.

With EJOT anchors you are on the safe side, as you can see in the individual approvals (ETA-10/0305, ETA-12/0502, ETA-15/0027, ETA-15/0387). EJOT facade anchors are suitable for all common substrates:

  • Use category A: concrete and rain screen
  • Use category B: solid brick, solid sand-lime brick, lightweight concrete brick
  • Use category C: vertically perforated brick, perforated sand-lime brick, hollow block
  • Use category D: aerated concrete