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Ancore ETICS

diblu universal cu prindere prin înşurubare

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Ancore ETICS

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Ancore ETICS

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Ancore ETICS

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ETICS anchors

Our portfolio offers:

  • Ceiling insulation anchors:
    Solutions for under-ceiling insulation
    For the variety of different insulating materials and insulation surfaces, the EJOT ceiling insulation anchors always offer an appropriate and reliable solution.
  • Brick slip anchros:
    EJOT brick slip system anchors for factory-bricked External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems
    Ceramic claddings are another design possibility of ETIC systems. Factory-bricked ETIC systems should generally be mounted with EJOT brick slip system anchors due to the significantly higher weight per unit area.
  • Rail anchors:
    For rail systems
    If greater tolerances of the facade have to be considered, rail systems are suitable for mounting ETICS. The installation has to be quick and reliable. With the ejotherm rail anchors, you are on the safe side. The screw and nail anchor product range is characterised by versatility, highest load-carrying capacity and their approval for all building material classes.
  • Special fasteners:
    For fixing ETICS with problematic substrates
    EJOT offers special fasteners also for fastening External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems with problematic substrates. These anchors can also be combined with other products such as our brick slip system anchor and have the European Technical Assessment (ETA) as well.
  • Washer anchors:
    ejotherm washer anchors for the fastening of insulation boards
    The ejotherm washer anchors with European Technical Assessment (ETA) make it easy for you. High-performance anchors guarantee reliable hold in all building and insulating materials. The purpose-designed expansion zones allow highest characteristic loads combined with a minimum embedment depth.