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Sisteme de siguranță

Sisteme de siguranță contra căderii de pe acoperișuri: Securant, Secupoint și Seculine Vario, agrementate tehnic în construcții de către DIBT Berlin. Agrementul cuprinde și fixarea sistemelor pe acoperiș, pe diverse straturi suport, ca de exemplu: beton, lemn, tablă trapezoidalaă, etc. De asemenea, produsele dispun de certificat de verificare CE în baza normei DIN EN 795.




EJOT accessories

Sealing washers

With the EJOT sealing washers, you are always on the safe side when it comes to fastening components in weather-exposed areas. EJOT sealing washers are highly weather- and UV-resistant and available in various sizes.

Thread protection sleeve

Self-drilling screws with conventional cutting bit are tapered. Our new EJOFAST screws are even significantly sharper. This causes a risk of injury for people. For cable ducts that have been secured with self-tapping screws, there is a risk that power cables could be damaged by the tapered screws. If you wish to cover the thread ends after fastening, the EJOT thread protection sleeve is particularly suitable.

Sealing tapes

For the sealing of joints, EJOT recommends the sealing tape ISO-Blocco and the ISO-profile filler strips when it comes to the permanent sealing of trapezoidal and corrugated metal sheetings.


You need to compensate for tolerances on wall and roof? The EJOT AS spacer is the suitable solution..